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We're sorry, Markticle is no longer supported. Author's official page - www.DanielSternlicht.com


This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about Markticle, or if you need support, please contact us via email.

What is Markticle?

Markticle is a great service for users who read articles online. With Markticle, you'll be able to mark your reading progress in articles, and continue reading them later on any platform and device.

How much does it cost?

None. $0. It's 100% free.

How can I start using Markticle?

It's very easy to start using Markticle, and we actually have a great "How to" tutorial you might want to follow. Basically, you may add marks to articles with our Chrome extension, and then keep reading them anywhere, from any device.

Why sould I sign up to Markticle?

As a registered user, you'll get more features. The most important one will be an access to the marks you saved from any platform and device including our Chrome extension, Android app, and webapp.

Markticle isn't working on a website I'm reading. What should I do?

If for some reason Markticle doesn't work on a specific website you're reading, please report us so we could fix it asap.

I have a technical problem or support issue I need resolved, who do I email?

The best way to get in touch with us is to send us an email to contact[at]markticle.com.

Why Markticle?

It's easy to use, very intuitive, and could improve your reading experience, like - a lot! :)